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ARO is the home of Affordable Racehorse Ownershipin New Zealand.

At ARO we are passionate about making the right decisions to maximize the chances of success on the track. From selecting a thoroughbred to finding the right trainer, we always keep the horses health and wellbeing in mind throughout their entire racing career and beyond.

Current Syndicated Shares on Offer

Zacinto X Elston 

This Zacinto X Elston Filly (Stable Name Ella) is an absolute sweetheart. She is blessed with a kind and intelligent nature possessing two of the prime requisites when assessing any horse: a beautiful head and powerful hindquarter. She should start to bloom as a mid to late season 2 year old and mature into a lovely 3YO. This filly has been nominated for the Pearl Series

Charm Spirit X Savanite

Charm Spirit X Savanite (Stable Name Shari) is an athletic, well balanced, good walking filly. She should make into a very nice mid to late season 2YO and, given her breeding, mature into a lovely 3YO able to take advantage of the valuable prize money on offer. This filly has been nominated for the Pearl Series.

What Is the Pearl Series?

The NZB Insurance Pearl Series is a bonus scheme for Southern Hemisphere bred fillies and mares, offering bonuses of almost $2.6 million and prizemoney of nearly $2.8 million. The scheme includes 200 individual races for fillies and mares over three seasons' racing, with bonuses for each race of up to $20,000. 

The Series has been designed to benefit owners, trainers and breeders of fillies and mares running in New Zealand and are available in all regions of the country. All bonuses are cumulative, ie a horse can win multiple bonuses throughout her racing career.

How to Buy Shares in a Racehorse Syndicate

Firstly work out what your budget is. 

All you need do is choose which syndicated horse appeals to you. Download the Disclosure Statement. Then make the initial investment for how many shares you want. Pay the initial investment for how many shares you want via bank transfer or credit card. Then set up a monthly payment method for the monthly fees you will incur according to the number of shares you have.

ARO image

There is a one-time investment fee for each share you take.

Currently, we have two horses available for syndication where the shares start from $375 +Gst. Then you have a daily fee which is only $1 a day for each share (plus Gst) for the breaking in, preparation, training, racing, and administration of the syndicate,

Contact us at 027-289-8723 or email arosyndications@gmail.com 

Buying Shares in a Racehorse Syndicate 

It's as easy as 1 - 2 -3

Download and Read the Disclosure Statement/Syndicate Agreement

The disclosure statement provides full disclosure as required by  NZTR and FMA. The syndicate agreement provides the full details under which the syndicate will operate. Sign the acknowledgement and application form then email this back to arosyndications@gmail.com 

Add Shares in to Basket and Confirm the number of Shares

To proceed, click on the Add to Basket Button below. Enter the number of shares in Zacinto X Eslton you wish to take. Then complete the check out form and choose your payment method: Direct Credit, Credit Card or Debit Card (Bank fees may apply).

Confirm You Have Read The Terms and Conditions

Confirm you have read and accept the Terms and Conditions and Disclosure Statement.

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What We Look for When Selecting a Horse for Syndication


We assess the horse’s pedigree (family tree) and look for horses with a strong black type pedigree. This is one factor that contributes to the likely success of racing a horse. The ideal thoroughbred is a beautiful animal. The perfect choice is one that boasts a refined head, long neck, well-defined withers, deep shoulder, strong chest, short back and powerful hindquarters. 


The conformation of a Racehorse is one of the most important factors we consider in choosing a horse for one of our syndicates.  Horses are athletes and therefore its physical appearance, known as the horse’s conformation, gives us an indication as to their athletic ability.  We look for horses where their legs are perfectly straight with an overstep when walking.

Health & Welfare

At ARO, our love of horsemanship goes beyond just racing.  In the racehorse industry, it's critical that the health of the horse takes priority.  Our horses undergo a vet check and we rule out any horses that don't have clean X-Rays. We follow the best equine training practices, care and ethics throughout the career of each horse in our syndicates. 


Thoroughbreds are very smart horses with a strong work ethic. As a hot-blooded equine, they are generally more sensitive and spirited than other breeds - just like like their Arab ancestors. At ARO, we look for horses that possess a calm, even temperament which allows them to take the excitement of race day in their stride.