Stop Being a Spectator Experience the  Excitement of Racehorse Ownership

Affordable Racehorse Ownership

from $1 a Day

"A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart and wins with his character."

Frederico Tesio

Passionate About Racing

Have you ever dreamt about owning a racehorse and experiencing the thrill as it goes past the post as a winner? But you always thought it was out of your reach.

With ARO Syndications - now you can!

We provide Affordable Racehorse Ownership (ARO) at a level you are comfortable with. You buy a share/s at a level of investment you are comfortable with. Then it's only $1 a day (+Gst) for the ongoing training and racing costs. After that, you sit back and enjoy the thrill and excitement with Affordable Racehorse Ownership.

Our Approach

We know what it's like to experience the thrill of watching your horse gallop past the post first in your racing colours. We know what it's like to be in the winner's circle and enjoy that glass of champagne with fellow owners. We now make these dreams possible for you with Affordable Racehorse Ownership (ARO).

Join one of our syndicates today. 

How We Make that Happen

We pride ourselves on our ability to select racehorses with potential. Once the horse is selected, it goes into a syndicate where you have the opportunity to buy a single share, or multiple shares. Shares are available from $375 +Gst. Other than the initial share price, all you pay is $1 a day (+Gst) which includes all ongoing costs per share.

We give peace of mind by providing professional management and administration on your behalf.  ARO provides up-to-the-minute quality communication to you - our shareholder on your horses progress. 

You don't have to buy 100% of a racehorse to enjoy Racehorse ownership. Joining one of our racing syndicates is an affordable, fun and sociable way of venturing into racehorse ownership. Our syndicate members share the ownership of the horse among them, share the costs and of course share in the winnings. ARO as the authorised syndicator, manage all the administration for all our owners. 

The Benefits of Horse Racing Syndicates

Owning a racehorse outright for some is out of reach. Owning shares in a horse syndicate means you are part of the action without the same level of outlay. Bring along your friends and family and enjoy horseracing together as owners.


Horse Racing Syndicates are more affordable than owning a racehorse outright.


Shares are flexible to buy. You can buy one share or a number of shares.


We arrange for you to visit your horse at the stables or watch it at work on the training track.

From $1 a Day Makes Racehorse Ownership Affordable

ARO makes racehorse ownership affordable. How? We offer 100 shares for sale for each syndicated horse. 

  • We choose athletic horses with racing potential
  • We offer shares at an affordable price
  • Ongoing costs of only $1 a day +Gst  

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