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We provide Affordable Horseracing Syndicates for everyone where you get to experience the Thrill and Excitement as an Owner, not just a Spectator.

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ARO Offers Syndicated Shares in Racehorses

Have you ever dreamed of racing a horse but thought it was out of your reach? Now you can - because ARO offers the most affordable horseracing syndicates in New Zealand. Based in the South Island, we make racehorse ownership affordable and accessible throughout New Zealand.  Syndicate ownership helps you purchase shares in a racehorse horse at an affordable price from $375 + Gst. While you also share the $1 a day (+ Gst) costs per share, you also share the fun and thrill of owning and racing a horse.

ARO makes the dream of horseracing ownership much more achievable.

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why we do it

A Love of Racing

Want to experience The Thrill - The Excitement -The Exhilaration of Racehorse Ownership but don't know where to start? 

It's very simple, buy shares in a horse racing syndicate with friends and family. With Affordable Racehorse Ownership (ARO) take a single share or as many shares as you want - then start racing!

Racehorse Ownership Shares are the affordable way to move from betting on horses to owning a share in one. It works the same as buying a share in a company. With ARO you, your friends and family and others get to share the benefits of racehorse ownership.

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What We Look for When Selecting a Horse for Syndication


We assess the horse’s pedigree (family tree) and look for horses with a strong black type pedigree. This is one factor that contributes to the likely success of racing a horse. The ideal thoroughbred is a beautiful animal. The perfect choice is one that boasts a refined head, long neck, well-defined withers, deep shoulder, strong chest, short back and powerful hindquarters. 


The conformation of a Racehorse is one of the most important factors we consider in choosing a horse for one of our syndicates.  Horses are athletes and therefore its physical appearance, known as the horse’s conformation, gives us an indication as to their athletic ability.  We look for horses where their legs are perfectly straight with an overstep when walking.

Health & Welfare

At ARO, our love of horsemanship goes beyond just racing.  In the racehorse industry, it's critical that the health of the horse takes priority.  Our horses undergo a vet check and we rule out any horses that don't have clean X-Rays. We follow the best equine training practices, care and ethics throughout the career of each horse in our syndicates. 


Thoroughbreds are very smart horses with a strong work ethic. As a hot-blooded equine, they are generally more sensitive and spirited than other breeds - just like like their Arab ancestors. At ARO, we look for horses that possess a calm, even temperament which allows them to take the excitement of race day in their stride.

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Why Get Involved in Horseracing Ownership?

Share the Fun

When you race a horse with friends and family, you get to share in the thrill, the fun and the excitement.

Stable Visits

We can arrange for you to visit your horse at the stables or watch it at work on the training track.

Racing Colours

ARO has registered red white and black as their color combination with the ARO logo.

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